How full lace wigs produced out?

How Full Lace Wigs Produced Out?

Tsingtaohair leads you to visit our lace wig factory and explore how a full lace wig is produced out…

Like diamonds, gold, and oil; human hair is a precious commodity. Currently, the demand for human hair full lace wigs is at an all time high. The increasing demand is due, in part, to more celebrities revealing their hair secrets! Starlets like Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton and many more are proudly wearing human hair full lace wigs to achieve their glamorous looks!

Ever wonder how a full lace wig works out? Tsingtaohair is now leading you to visit our factory and telling you a general process how we produce out your full lace wigs : )

Select the High Quality Hair Meticulously

At Tsingtaohair, We only select the premium quality human hair meticulously to make our full lace wigs and this works out natural superior healthy gorgeous hair! The hair moves and flows freely and it is very realistic. Tsingtaohair only selects the best human hair meticulously to make our full lace wigs and the hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle in place. The result is stronger, superior healthy hair. Some manufacturers often use low quality hair and chemically stripped of the cuticles to give the hair an artificial softness and shine, which wears down over time, causing tangling and a poor appearance. Our human hair does not have this problem and is the highest quality human hair lace wigs you can purchase! And all of our hair is disinfected.

Prepare the hair for a lace wig

After selecting the good hair, we will distribute the hair to be hand-tied on lace wigs. The heavier density the wig has, the more hair it will be distributed. For hair with special colors such as T roots’ color, highlights, mixed colors, piano colors, Tsingtaohair has professional color design department and make out the color schemes. Some special curls are added at this time and make sure it keeps well.

Make the cap for the lace wig

At Tsingtaohair, we pride ourselves on our quality products and high abilities to design wigs. We have more than 70 styles of cap constructions and base designs. The wig cap can be full lace, thin skin, glueless, silky top added, u-part, #0.12net, fish net etc. And we are also able to make caps with pictures. Our cap design department has rich experience and creative minds.

Hand Tie the hairs on the lace wig, so how is the hair attached?

It is not an easy job to knot the hairs on the cap. The hairs are all hand-tied one by one with hair needle. The most popular types of ventilation are called knotting, injection and looping. Knotting is most commonly used in full lace wigs. These knots are usually available in a few different types: double knots, single knots, half knots, reversed knots…etc. The most skilled worker can hand tie a full lace wig in 6 days without sleeping much and resting much. Sometimes, our workers have to tie hairs all day and night to make sure our customers can receive their orders in time. At Tsingtaohair, we request the hair ventilators must tie strongest and neat knots. And our quality control department follows every full lace wig strictly.

Wash and Style the full lace wig

After ventilating hair, we will wash the wig and style it. Put the lace wig into a dryer machine and disinfect the lace wig again.

Finish Work



As a professional lace wig manufacturer, we welcome the wholesale customers ordering in bulk and do offer you the best prices and service!